Podcast links are a mess

So we fixed them.

Get a playpodca.st shortcut to your show today, and you will have a link that takes your listeners to a native podcast player, no matter whether they are clicking from iOS, Android, Windows or Mac.

People using an iPhone get taken straight to subscribe to your show on Apple Podcasts, and those using an Android device will be taken to your page in the brand new official Google Podcasts app.

We also show special preview links to Facebook and Twitter’s internal web page crawlers, so that your podcast always displays in a rich and attractive media card optimised for social.

Get yours

Effortless podcast marketing from Instagram

Use the link in your bio to get listeners to your podcast no matter whether they’re using an iPhone or Android device.

It’s easier than ever to take someone from a swiping up on your story to the place where they’re most likely to listen to your podcast in its entirety.

Take your listeners to the right place

Most podcasters make the mistake of directing listeners to places like SoundCloud from their social media accounts.

This is bad for your listen rates – your potential subscribers will be stuck in a popup, they won’t be able to get back to what they were doing without stopping playback, and you’ll have no way to capture that person to receive your next episode.

Our links get people to the right place to start listening, and then they get out of the way. Now people can enjoy your podcast without feeling trapped listening to it.

Keep it snappy

playpodca.st links are self-contained call to actions. They are optimised to convert prospective listeners into subscribers, because the link clearly spells out what will happen when you tap on it.

“Play podcast The Daily.”

It’s self-explanatory. In fact, it’s actually the very same command you could use with Siri, Alexa or Google Assistant.

Our links help to keep your social copy short and snappy. You cover the why, and let us take care of the what, the how and the where.

Try a link for yourself:


Appropriate redirection and previewing

Whenever you see redirect links from places like bit.ly on social media, Facebook and Twitter will follow the redirect to its end location. We don’t let this happen for podcasts, because it can make half of your potential listeners think that the link wasn’t for them – People on Android aren’t going to click Apple Podcast links. Instead, we send Facebook and Twitter’s page crawler to a unique preview page to fetch a rich media card preview which makes it clear that your link will work on their device.

Then, when the listener clicks the link, we figure out which operating system they are using and send them to a place guaranteed to work on their device.