Can I customise my Twitter and Facebook cards?

By default, we use your podcasts square artwork to make your image previews. We crop and resize the elements within your square artwork the best we can for you, but if you like, you can provide us a customised image for your Facebook and Twitter media preview cards.

Just supply us with a PNG or JPG file sized 1200px x 628px.

Get in touch to arrange.

Can I use my own domain?

Yes, we offer a custom implementation to let you use playpodca.st links from your own domain. Get in touch to discuss.

Do you offer analytics?

Analytics are on our roadmap for an upcoming release.

Where do your links go?

iPhone users get taken to your podcast in Apple Podcasts, Android users get taken to your podcast in Google Podcasts, and Mac and Windows users will get taken to your podcast within the iTunes application. If a Windows user doesn’t have iTunes installed, they’ll go to the web portal instead.

What does the cost cover?

The price covers the cost for physically building your link – maintaining these links is a manual process, and there’s no way around that for the time being. It takes care of the hosting costs to handle all the redirections. It covers the time we spend putting some love and care into adapting your show art for the rectangular previews you’ll see when your playpodca.st link is shared on Twitter and Facebook. Lastly, it covers the time it takes us to handle support queries.

Do you offer discounted pricing for bulk orders?

Networks save 15% per link. Get in touch to arrange.